I love many forms of art, but am chiefly drawn to the beautiful, the fantastic, and the childlike. Though I have a BA in graphic design, my first love is illustration, especially that involving human characters. Capturing the emotion and personalities in a setting is my motivating drive, and when I combine it effectively with my love of portraiture, it thrills me to visualize, concretely, the narrative in my head.

I also moonlight as a face and body artist in my local area. Check out In Your Face, my companion site, to see my work!

While my full-time job of mothering often forces my creativity into the back seat,  I do enough freelance and personal work to continually grow and change as an artist (and thus am frequently subject to the "disgust-with-previous-work" phenomenon that plagues all artists). When I am once again free to dive fully into creative work, I don't plan to find my skills rusty with disuse. Creating is a part of who I am. Thanks for visiting my humble corner of the universe, and I hope you find something here that engages you!